Our Story

IGNITION  is a group of musicians with over 100 years of combined performing, recording, and writing experience. Hailing from Ventura County California, we play clubs, parties, weddings, festivals, car & bike shows, etc.                                      


Ian Heavyside, Guitar & Vocals:  
Ian has toured all over Europe, playing with all types of musicians, covering many genres of music.  His knowledge of the guitar, and its diversity is evident in his solos, and creative chord voicing.  Ian is also our master technician.

WAYNE ROTHSTEIN, Bass Guitar & Vocals:  Wayne has a degree in music with an emphasis in Jazz, and has been writing, performing, and recording in many genres for over 30 years. He brings a great knowledge of vocal and musical theory to the group, which allows us to sing four and five-part harmony, adding a key ingredient to our sound.

KEVIN ARMSTRONG, Drums&Vocals:  Kevin has played in numerous cover, and original bands over the years, and has a true knack for rock drumming. His fills are musical, and his ability to play drums and sing backup are talents sought after by many.

ALEX CABRERA, Lead Vocals:  Alex started out playing the drums in a couple of local Ventura County bands in the '70's, before taking his talents to Hollywood.  Always perfecting his craft, Alex is the ultimate professional, and a front man extraordinaire.  With a velvet voice, and a scream that rivals the greats, he always gets the job done with style.